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Al-Masoom Activities in the Devastating Earthquake
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Al-Masoom International Trust Activities in the Devastating Earthquake of 8th October 2005 in AJK.

 Full scale relief activities have been made in reconstruction and rehabilitation of population. In this regard:

  • Al-Masoom Trust quick responds and arrived in Pakistan after 8 days. Government of Pakistan received them. Paramedical trauma staff with 4 tons of medicine and trauma equipment was arrived there.
  • CDA was settling tent city and Al-Masoom Trust start working with CDA hand to hand in H-11 tent city Islamabad.
  • Al-Masoom Trust arranged combine marriage ceremony of 16 couples and 09 couples were get married again form of combine marriage ceremony. Trust helps all of them.
  • Al-Masoom Trust starts providing to affected families Food, clothing, knitwear, blankets, quilts etc.
  • Al-Masoom Trust setup small tent hospital and start working with CDA hand to hand.
  • During That Time after 2 or 3 weeks 58 tons of stuff will arrive from UK, Which is collected by Al-Masoom Trust for distribution in AJK including Tents, Blankets and warm cloths etc.
  • We have been provided an American Schnook (Hilly captor) from Pakistan Army and we start work with Pak-Army hand to hand.
  • We provided uniform, furniture and books to Pak-Army for 10 Schools (Class 1st to 10th) in Ghari Dhopata and surrounding areas.
  • Joint Qurbani during earthquake on Eid-ul-Azha was arranged by Trust in AJK.
  • Established 6 vocational Centers in earthquake affected areas of Bagh, Muzafzabad in AJK and other areas.
  • 100 poor families were provided goats and sheep’s to maintain livelihood in AJK.

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  • Zafar KhanJune 10, 2016 at 10:39 am 

    Al Masoom we still remember your work for AJK. Allah bless your all team member.


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